Bullets and Terror at Knotts Berry Farm

by John Murphy -- July 13, 2021

A peaceful summer day turned to horror at California’s Knotts Berry Farm Amusement Park. The park situated near Anaheim’ Disneyland was filled with screams and the sounds of gunfire. In an apparent gang related attack, two teenage boys were shot and wounded. They are now at HellPass Hospital in Anaheim and are in serious condition.

Many guests at Knotts Berry Farm expressed anger and fear as the shooting occurred. A viral video of the shooting showed many shrieking people scrambling for safety.

Politics to Blame?

Park Director, Yelena Romanoff blamed Donald Trump for the shooting. Trumps been running around complaining that the election was stolen and people need to do something about it! Obviously the ex-president's actions are inciting gang violence in California! But local MAGA leaders were quick to disagree. According to an eyewitness, Mrs. Stonewall Jackson Davis Lee III of Loca Vista California, It was obvious that the shooters were Antifa socialists who supported Biden and China! Romanoff and Lee were then separated by police before further violence could ensue.

Troublesome Trends

As was previously reported in The Los Angeles Times violence in the Anaheim area has been on the rise this summer. It has now reached a place that is supposed to be a haven for fun for the first time.

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